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About KDP Events – Wedding Planner


Over 200 Arizona brides in the past 5 years have been fortunate to have worked with Karen Podrasky, lead wedding planner, and the KDP Events team to coordinate their weddings.  There are so many tasks, both leading up to and on wedding day, that a couple never has to worry about because the KDP Events team is at hand to create a relaxing and peace-filled environment – not just for the bride and groom, but family and guests to enjoy.

We believe that friends and family (we’re talking to you Mother of the Bride!), should celebrate this finest day with their bride and groom, rather than stress, worry, and run ragged.  We have been a part of creating memorable Arizona weddings from behind the scenes since 1993, with experience in catering, event set up, and event execution.

Our insight into planning and executing an event is filled with experience and value.  The guidance we provide creates a well organized and beautiful celebration.